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How to Decorate Boho Style : Boho Home Decor Tips

How to Decorate Boho Style : Boho Home Decor Tips

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Are you curious about how to decorate Boho style?  Or, are you feeling drawn to the boho look but not quite sure how to bring those boho vibes into your own home? 

We've got you covered!  This post is all about home decorating boho style.  We're sharing 11 simple boho decor tips that will get your space feeling free and showing its creative wandering spirit.  

It's true. I definitely appreciate those eye catching minimalist home decor styles.  I like the clean Scandi lines with bright whites and contrasting colors.  But, I am fully drawn to the approachable and comfy feel of the eclectic boho style rooms.

Maybe it's the love and connection that I feel with the unique artisan culture of Bali or maybe I just identify with those wandering free spirits that originally inspired these relaxed boho styles.  Either way, it's definitely atop of my favorite home decor styles. 

how to decorate boho style   

What is Boho Style?

These days "Boho style" is referred to as unconventional and artistic.  However, I think it is valuable to grasp the true roots of bohemian style to be able to authentically pull off the look in your home.

What does boho really mean?  Boho is short for the french word bohémien, a term that emerged from France in the early 19th century.  It was a common term used for the Romani people of France who in the 15th century were mistakenly thought to have reached France through Bohemia, a region in todays Czech Republic. 

Originating in India the Romani by and large lead a nomadic lifestyle, known for their creativity, many being skilled artists and musicians.  Later, the word bohemian evolved to include any artist, writer, musician or actor living an unconventional lifestyle.  Many traveled with little money, wore second-hand often eclectic clothing and had little care for others approval. 

In the 1850's the boho culture made its way to America via immigration, even Mark Twain included his name in the culture in 1867.  Later, in the 1950's the boho beat generation was thriving in New York City.  This culture eventually gave way to the hippie movement of the 1960's and 70's.

For centuries the Romani people, who inspired the boho style, faced discrimination and persecution.  But after being embraced by the upper-class, the boho style became trendy and fashionable.   

Nowadays, the term bohemian has more of a descriptive definition.  Its aesthetic is highly influenced by the free spirits of generations past.  Today's modern bohemian style is truly eclectic and highlights natural elements, cultural items and vintage pieces from the 1950's, 60's and 70's.   

Phew! Now that we have all had our history lesson lets talk about what is boho style decor.

What is Boho Style Decor?

After that deep dive into the history of the boho style, I'm ready for the cliff note version of the home decor aspects.  So, let's start with what boho style decor is and is not. 

Boho style decor IS NOT:

  • bland
  • uniform
  • perfection
  • minimalist
  • clean lined
  • matchy matchy decor 
  • rule follower

Boho style IS:

  • colorful
  • eclectic
  • lived in
  • story filled
  • relaxed
  • warm
  • comfortable  
  • rule breaker

There are a couple of main directions that you can go with your bohemian styled rooms. 

     1.  You can go ALL IN with your gypsy loving, eclectic bohemian bliss!  Mixing every pattern, texture, color that you can dream up, holding nothing back and breaking all the rules! Yes! Amazingness!


     2.  You take a more calculated approach.  Giving bohemianism a subtle nod by adding a few key eclectic pieces to your room.   

No matter which way you decide to go with your boho styled room, you can achieve that cozy and inviting feeling that the style is so well celebrated for. 

Now, let's talk about how to decorate boho style.  Here are some boho home decor style ideas that will get you rolling on your bohemian journey.

11 Insanely Good Boho Home Decor Tips:

 1- Add a variety of textures

Whether you are opting for the ALL IN boho style or the more subtle boho touch, textures should always apply.  If there is one thing that a boho home never lacks it's texture.   

boho style bedroom

 Textures can be added in a variety of ways.  Think: 

  • Baskets 
  • Mix styles of plants and planters
  • Wall hanging pieces like macrame or natural 
  • Boho throw pillows  
  • Chunky throw blankets 
  • Natural fiber rugs 
  • Colorful Persian, Turkish or Moroccan rugs
  • Unique wood furniture
  • Mirror frames
  • Hanging light fixtures
  • Different upholstered furniture
  • Wood, brick or stucco textured walls

Start by hanging a full textured wall tapestry or piece of nature.  Mix in different plants and planters, layer rugs,  add some artwork, vintage pieces, throw pillows and even a stack of books are a simple way to add the the boho feel. 

The saying goes "more is more" when it comes to boho style, so add a load of things you love!  Bring them all into your space and move things around until it just feels good.  

2- Use natural and rustic finishes

The hippie generation of the 1960's and 70's injected a fusion of raw natural materials like hemp, wood, bamboo, leather, floral and rattan.

how to boho style bedroom

 Bringing those rustic natural finishes for your boho look can be done in several different ways.  Think:

Often the rustic finishes are wood or other natural materials but don't be afraid to throw in some metallics like a rustic vase, floor lamp or hanging light fixture for an added shine among those natural elements. 

3- Plants, plants and more plants

I have yet to see a published boho room that didn't have at least 3 plants.  When it comes to bohemian decor style you can never have too many plants.

boho home decor styles

Adding plants to your room is the perfect way to bring in some functional decor.  It's always best to go with real versus the faux plant options.  But, if you struggle to keep plants alive like I do, take a look at these hard to kill plants.  I love the idea of bringing extra texture into the space by mixing in different shapes and sizes of plants.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Pure gold!

4- Incorporate some global culture

Bohemian styles have considerable ties and a deep rooted history with different cultural and global communities.  It is however important to recognize what you're representing and how.

boho style culture

One of my favorite things to bring into my styles is culture.  This above style represents elements from the African culture and brilliantly pulls patterns and colors from the focal wall art.

There are so many amazing and unique cultures across the globe.  I have spent the last few years exploring culture rich places like Thailand, Cambodia, Morocco, Vietnam and Bali. 

I'm especially in awe of Bali, where I am currently writing this article.  Such deep history and tradition of artistic talent exists here.  Many of the villages specialize in different sets of skills.  For example, one village will have a deep focus on wood carving while another weaving, another metal work and so on.  All of these handmade skills have been passed down for generations and are alive and well today.  

In fact, it was here in Bali years ago that we were inspired to start our small handmade home decor shop The Global Stitch.  Shameless plug haha!  But really, we are so inspired by the rich culture that exists here and so impressed by the skilled handmade artisans.  If you're interested to hear a little more about our story and why we are so inspired by the balinese culture click here and watch the videos at the bottom of the page.

Grab yourself a piece of culture for your boho decor at The Global Stitch.  As of today, we are currently offering handmade throw pillow covers and throw blankets from culture rich places like Bali, India and Morocco. 

Have a look at our best selling boho throw pillow covers here:

5- Mix of lighting elements

I cannot overestimate the importance of lighting in any style but especially with bohemian.  Nothing says boring like a single fixture room and boho is anything but boring. 

boho bedroom light fixtures

Bring on the lights!  Funky chandeliers, pendants, string lights, vintage lamps, candles, lanterns, don't be shy!  There are a lot of fun and creative ways to bring multiple light sources into your spaces.  A few popular ideas include wire lighting in a large mason jar, string lights hung on the wall, a salt lamp, a light box and the list goes on.  

All of these are solid options but I'm a sucker for a good pendant to shed some light in my boho spaces.  Here are a few of my favs to consider. 

6- Layer rugs

Layering rugs allows you to mix more patterns and bring in some extra texture.  Below you can see how layering  can bring more texture into your space and with boho you have the green light to mix and match some pretty wild patterns and still get that "A" grade in boho home decor. 

boho bedroom style with layered rugs

7- Make it personal

It's all about what feels right to you.  Just like those, of past, who inspired the boho culture weren't living their lives aiming for the approval of others so should you skip the perfection line and create a personalized space that speaks to you. 

boho hat rack

Add some personal touches that you identify with.  This dream catcher and functional hat rack add personality and story to your space.  Pieces like this can help check the boho box for being warm, inviting and send a positive vibe that your space is lived in. 

8- Mix all the patterns and colors

There are definitely fool proof design methods for mixing patterns and colors together but when you go all in boho style, every rule goes out the window. 

boho pattern mixing

Bright colors and lots of patterns such as paisley, geometric, florals and natural prints can all play together.  In fact that is hallmark boho style.  

If bright colors are not for you then look to a more subdued palette like olive green, mustard yellow and muted rust oranges.  

9- Add some vintage

I think adding some vintage to every home decor style is always a good idea.  And boho is no exception and instead should be made mandatory.  Except, that would break the rule number one of boho style, there are no rules. 

boho vintage style

There are tons of options for bringing out your best vintage game.  Second hand furniture is classic boho and adding something old can add that perfect touch of character.  Also thrift store finds can add key pieces.  When thrifting make sure to look for wood, wicker and old metallics like candle stick holders, brass planters, magazine racks and books.  

10- Try neutral with some boho flare

Not feeling the vibrant colors? Neutrals work as a solid base for many different home decor styles and boho is no exception.  

neutral boho bedroom

If you are not overly crazy about going all colorful and eclectic consider staying neutral.  Go for the whites or the creams as a base, keep the mix textured green plants and add some splashes of boho like a macrame wall hanger or a pendant light or two.  Neutral bases can really make those boho elements pop.  This just may be the aesthetic you're looking for. 

11- Keep it simple

You don't have to go all out bohemian centered rooms (unless of course you want to!)  This is your space and there is no right or wrong so feel free to cherry pick different design elements and do what feels right to you. 

boho home decor styles for bedroom 

We definitely covered the full spectrum of boho home decor styles.  My favorite aspect about home decor and design is that you get to create spaces that you identify with. 

Hopefully, I helped answer the question of how to decorate boho style and that you found some ideas and felt some inspiration to go create your own boho home decor space. 

Before you leave, make sure to take a peek at The Global Stitch handmade pillow collection. We stock throw pillows and decorative throw pillow covers made by hand in culture rich locations such as Bali, India and Morocco. You will not find another collection like this anywhere! 

handmade throw pillows

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