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Welcome to The Global Stitch!

This is a project that started as a conversation and morphed into a reality.  We are sisters, Cassidee and Mindy, and our unique strengths have made us the perfect design team.  Cassidee has always possessed a gift for on trend style and home decor, while Mindy has a passion for exploring cultures and discovering artisan crafted goods. Together, with the strong support of our husbands, we've fine tuned the process of bringing you unique, authentic and beautiful textiles from around the world, allowing them to tell their own story in your homes.

Two years ago, Mindy left the comfort of home to travel full time with her family @therunawayfamily on an adventure around the world.  Check out their blog. Each destination is planned around unique, textile rich destinations.  They are able to immerse themselves in each culture, searching markets and local artisans.  Each piece is handpicked, ethically sourced, and beautifully made using only high quality materials.  And most importantly, Cassidee works hard to put it all together.  She makes sure that each choice not only fits current trends, but will find a lasting place in beautiful homes.

The Global Stitch project is more passion than corporation.  We strike bulk deals directly with artisan suppliers and ship all goods to Cassidee's basement in a small town just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Here they are stored, packaged and shipped out to customers.  This allows us to bypass the huge retail store overhead costs, and by negotiating direct deals with suppliers, we are able to pass those savings on to our customers.  What exactly does this mean?  At the end of the day, we are able to bring you unique, high end products for a fraction of the expected cost. Thanks for stopping by! 

-Cass & Mindy   

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