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How to Prepare Your Home For Spring

How to Prepare Your Home For Spring

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Looking for ideas on how to prepare your home for spring?  These 7 easy tips will have you ditching  those winter blues and bringing new life to your home for springtime!

Spring brings sunshine, longer days, and a return of color and life to the world.  We shed our winter coats to feel the warmth of the sun and update our wardrobes for warmer days.  We may even feel the urge to clean, wash, and refresh.  But if you really want to embrace the change of season, don’t stop there.  We’ve prepared 7 easy ways to transition your home into spring that will leave you refreshed and seeing your home in a new light! 


1.     Swap out decorative throw pillows

How to add decorative throw pillows for spring

Those deep, rich colors and thick wovens are cozy in the winter, but when the spring sun starts to warm things up?  Bring on the color and embrace the light, airy textures!  Changing out the pillows in your living spaces is the quickest and easiest way to update the season in your home.

Go for vibrant throw pillows if it works for your space.  Or choose soft color tones.  Both will bring lighter color schemes into your rooms, which will wake them up and fill your home with new life.

Also consider bringing in patterns and textures with your pillows that mirror the patterns and textures you are seeing outside.  Think organic prints.  Pull in patterns with leaves and flowers, as well as adding light woven textures.  Bring all that spring renewal into your home with spring throw pillows!

Don’t think you have to completely overhaul what you have going either.  Choose a few new pillows, then try experimenting and rearranging with what you already have.

Here are few throw pillow options for spring.  

decorative throw pillow green floral spring throw pillows handmade throw pillows spring peach throw pillows

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2.     Lighten up your linens and throws

decorative throw blankets for spring

Cable knit blankets, faux fur throws, and soft flannel sheets create cozy warmth when the temperature drops, but come spring?  Bring on the cottons and the linens!  What feels perfect in the winter can feel suffocating in the spring.  Think light and bright like the spring weather you are craving!  Linen sheets are breathable and soft.  Loomed cotton throws add texture and interest without the weight.

Don’t be afraid to add some more color with a tastefully draped throw over the back of the sofa or folded at the foot of the bed.  Remember cotton and linen still add warmth, but in a light and airy way.

3.  Bring all that green and floral inside

home decor flower for spring


Spring brings the world to life.  Buds are forming, leaves are unfurling, and spring flowers are starting to brighten the world with color.  Bring all that nature inside!

Buy new succulents for the window, a fig for the living room, or a fern for the front entry.  Just remember to consider the light needs of each plant you choose to make sure it will flourish in the spot you have in mind for it.

Support a local florist and display a bunch of peonies or a fragrant spring bouquet on the kitchen counter or table.  Or easier still, venture into the backyard and see what you can find.  Those budding tree branches probably need to be trimmed anyway.  Budding branches, loose bouquets of spring flowers, or really anything fresh and green from your yard will make your home feel more alive and save you a bit of money, too.  If fresh is overwhelming, don’t hesitate to go for faux.  Or even use some of each!  We like to add something green or alive to every room if we can.


4.  Use functional, decorative storage to win the battle with clutter

home decor baskets for storage 

Whether you like to do a deep spring clean or not, clutter is the quickest way to kill a fresh spring vibe in your home.  Look around and see where the clutter is building up, then add functional storage where there is a need.

A large woven basket is a great place to store a favorite movie blanket or some well-loved toys.  Smaller baskets make great homes for game controllers, shoes, and art supplies.  Consider a cute bowl or decorative box on a table or on a shelf for keys, phones and the other small items that need a home.

Remember those throw pillows you just swapped out?  Put them at the bottom of a large woven basket with a light throw blanket peeking out the top.  You just solved your storage needs and added another element of interest to your space.  Double win!


5.  Update a few décor items

home decor pillows and pieces for spring 

Choose a few décor items to change out with the seasons.  One of the easiest ways to do this is by updating some of your wall art.  Changing out a gallery wall is way too much commitment for a spring update but changing out one or two pieces on the wall can make all the difference for freshening up the room.

You can also use the advent of spring as an opportunity to look at each room with fresh eyes.  Something you once loved may not hold the same allure it once did or may no longer go with the other décor changes you have made over time.

Sometimes just shifting decorations around into different arrangements or into different rooms can give a space a fresh vibe, too.

Finally, don’t be afraid to move the furniture!  If that chair never felt right in that spot, move it to the other side of the room or try it in the bedroom.  Just because your home furniture and décor started in one place doesn’t mean it has to stay there forever.


6.  Freshen up the front porch

home decor welcome mat spring 

Your porch is the first thing everyone sees, including you, when they enter your home.  Want to capture all the feels that come with the burgeoning spring outside?  The front porch is the perfect opportunity to do it.

Buy a fresh, new doormat.  Choose something cheerful and inviting!

Switch that wreath out on the front door for something floral or green.  Buy a potted plant to place on the steps, near the front door, or even on a porch table.  Add some of those spring throw pillows we talked about to your porch furniture.  This is your opportunity to pull all that outdoor spring beauty seamlessly into your living spaces.


7.  Make your home smell like spring 

home decor floral spells for spring 

If you opted for fresh flowers, your house will smell like a garden.  But you don’t have to have the florist on speed dial to get the same effect.  Candles, oil diffusers, and plug-in air fresheners can give you a similar effect.  Choose fresh, natural scents to bring all those spring vibes right into your home.  Thinks florals, earthy scents, citrus, and hints of vanilla.

Spring is sunshine and warmth, bright colors and longer days, and the earth coming back to life.  However you choose to freshen up your space and welcome the new season, just make sure that your home is your haven.

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