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How to Style Throw Pillows Couch

How to Style Throw Pillows Couch

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Looking for some inspiration for how to style throw pillows couch?  These 5 easy tips will launch your creative super powers and have your living space leveled up in style. 

 Running our small decorative throw pillow company, we spend A LOT of time thinking about couches and sofas.  The majority of our handmade throw pillows end up finding their place (you guessed it) on the couch.  We also get a TON of requests to help style our throw pillow designs for our amazing customer family. 

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to tackle all of the requests so we thought it would be helpful to put out some quick and easy tips to help with this often challenging process.  So buckle up, this is not a post that you want to skip. 

We have a lot to say on this topic but we will save some for another day and just focus on 5 quick and easy tips for styling your throw pillows on your couch.  Let's go!

1. Nail down a color scheme

throw pillows couch

Image by Studio McGee

First, identifying a color scheme for your throw pillow combination will make the rest of the process go much smoother.  While there is no hard line rule for the amount of colors are best, we like to try to stick to 3-5.  Doing this will make life so much easier when you start mixing styles and patterns together. 

When deciding on your color palette consider colors that you want to pull out or bring into the space.  Throw pillows are a great way to introduce colors into a neutral space, create a new palette for changing seasons, or (our favorite) draw visual attention to complementing pieces throughout the room, like artwork or rugs.

If your still struggling to pin down that color scheme, consider drawing on the colors from your favorite patterned throw pillow or blanket. 

2. Select Organic or Multi Colored Print

Image by Amber Tiller 

Organic pillow prints are often the most difficult to pair with others, so we like to choose them first.  Organic prints are irregular in form, show movement, and are inspired by nature.  Florals, leafy, animal prints, hand stitched are all options.  This print is often multi-colored but not always.  This might be a great option to consider pulling your color palette from.   

Organic Pillows

organic throw pillow

3. Choose Geometric Print

Image by Studio McGee

Geometric printed pillows come next. They follow all the rules.  Characterized by lines, grid, and repetition, geometric prints balance out the movement of an organic print and create dimension and interest.  When choosing geometric printed pillows, pulling out at least one color from your organic print is a simple rule of thumb.  

Geometric Pillows

4. Add Print with Contrasting Scale

Image by Studio McGee

Once you have selected your first few pillow patterns and prints, it’s time to play with scale!  Look at the scale of your current pillows and choose something contrasting.  Whether the base pattern is significantly larger in scale or significantly smaller, choosing something with stark contrast will make the look feel more curated and interesting.

Throw Pillows With Larger Scale

Throw Pillows With Smaller Scale

5. Add Solids and Incorporate Texture

Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Solid pillows help balance out a pillow combination and allow the patterns to speak for themselves.  We use solids in pillow combinations as an excuse to incorporate texture and elevate the look.  Whether it’s a subtle hand woven cotton or a cozy sweater knit detail, textural solids will add warmth and complete any pillow combination. 

Solids allow you to be bold with different and unique textures which bring visual interest. So have fun with them!

Solid and Texture Pillows

Throughout this process, for visual interest, make sure to keep pillow sizes and shapes in mind.  Vary your pillows size mixing together lumbar, euro, round, square etc.  Larger sizes in the back and smaller in the front. 

And that's a wrap!  These 5 easy tips will provide you with a solid foundation for your next throw pillow styling project.  Let us know if you have any questions or if you can think of another topic you'd like to hear our thoughts on. 

Before you leave, make sure to take a peek at The Global Stitch handmade pillow collection.  We stock throw pillows and decorative throw pillow covers made by hand in culture rich locations such as Bali, India and Morocco!  

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