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9 Trending Home Decor Colors for 2022

Looking for the top trending colors in home decor for 2022?  These 9 colors are going to be the staple for interior design spaces everywhere. 

Trending home decor colors 2022


Let's take a peek at the upcoming home decor design landscape!  It's time to dive into some color trends for 2022 highlighted by the leading paint brands.  Industry experts eye these colors and see a future infused with hues that make us feel healthy, calm and grounded. 

These soothing blues, healing greens and nourishing earth tones will have us feeling centered and full of optimism. 

After you see these 2022 home decor trending colors you will have the foundation set for your future home decor inspirations.

This post is all about the top color trends in home decor for 2022.  

9 Top Trending 2022 Home Decor Color Trends 

1. Aleutian by Sherwin-Williams

2022 top home decor color trends

 There is a solid reason why Sherwin-Williams named Aleutian as the 2022 color of the year.  This perfectly washed Indigo creates balance to any space and its qualities work well to mesh both warm and cool tones together which is the ultimate recipe for relaxation.  

2. Breezeway by Behr

Top home decor color trends 2022

 A breath of fresh air.  Breezeway by Behr, is a calming sea glass green that is sure to awaken the senses.  It's hues naturally harmonize with white, grey and an natural wood to create effortless style to any space.  Versatility is the key to this colors appeal.  It can serve as a foundation or a subtle splash of color in a variety of styles from casual to coastal and modern to vintage.  

3. Gilded Linen by Valspar

2022 Neutral Home decor color trends

A strikingly clean neutral that seamlessly connects spaces throughout the home.  It's ultra cozy feel declutters our minds and provides the perfect back drop to allow natural elements like wood, ratan and greenery to shine. 

4. Subtle Peach by Valspar

Home decor color trends 2022 peach

Subtle Peach by Valspar is the perfect way to bring calm and comfort into the home.  It's a simple soft pastel that keeps us grounded by providing a lived in but clean feel.  It plays really well with Greige and wood tones to bring that modern touch. 

5. Breathe by Graham & Brown

top design colors 2022

 Breathe is Graham & Brown's color of the year for 2022.  It's a mid tone soothing blue that truly is a breath of fresh air.  Dark enough to add color and depth but light enough to remain revitalizing.  Works great teamed up with crisp whites and cool grays for a light and airy feel or go moody with deeper blues. 

6. Olive Sprig by PPG

2022 home decor color trends

Olive Sprig is PPG's way of bringing the outside in.  This muted protean mid-tone green emulates the soothing aloe vera or fragrant plant.  Versatility is a strength as it is soft enough to act as a neutral when paired with bolder accent colors.  Teams up well with soft rose tones.

7. Guacamole by Glidden

2022 trending color trends

Guacamole is Glidden's 2022 color of the year.  Just like Olive Sprig this is another mid green with healing and restorative super powers.  All jokes aside Guacamole possesses soothing organic qualities which speak to our search for something deeply rooted in nature. Pairs well with whites and wood tones.

8. October Mist by Benjamin Moore

2022 home design color trends

October Mist is Benjamin Moore's 2022 color of the year.  This silvery green  draws its color from a flower's stem.   Another color with calming qualities it works particularly well in a bedroom or a study.  This light sage pairs with many different colors and even works as a neutral option offering another option to whites and grays.  

9. Evergreen Fog

top 2020 design color trends

Last but certainly not least we have Evergreen Fog, Sherwin-Williams 2022 color of the year.  This green meets gray with a touch of blue works well for those spaces that are in need of a subtle yet stunning statement shade.  

There you have it. The 9 trending home decor colors for 2022. I hope you have found some inspiration to create your on-trend space in 2022. 

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